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At South Side Crane Trucks, quality and safety are an integral part of our company ethos. Both our trucks and cranes are modern and follow regular maintenance schedules. All other equipment is tested and certified in line with industry standards and guidelines. Our drivers and operators are experienced, fully licensed and certified under the Workplace Health and Safety Act.


In addition to the above we are also Mainroads HVA RAV accredited. Accreditation involves annual independent audits of vehicle maintence, driver education and training, driver licensing and fatigue management. This ensures the highest possible level of safety is always achieved at South Side Crane Trucks.


Our diverse fleet of crane and non-crane trucks has the capability to always deliver the right truck for the right job.

Mercedes 8x4 Prime Mover

  • XS 288 Hi Duo Hiab Crane
  • 9800kg max lift
  • 1380kg @ 15m
  • 45ft 24ton trailer


Iveco 8x4 Prime Mover

  • PK 33000 HP Palfinger Crane
  • 9800kg max lift
  • 1680 @ 14m
  • 45ft 24ton trailer


DAF 8x4 Rigid

  • PK 22000 HP Palfinger Crane
  • 5800kg max lift
  • 1380kg @12.6m
  • 9.1m tray
  • 12ton payload
  • 24ton payload with pig trailer


DAF 4x2 Rigid

  • PK 12000 HP Palfinger Crane
  • 5460kg max lift
  • 1000kg @ 10m
  • 8.5m tray
  • 5.5ton payload

Isuzu 4x2 Rigid

  • XS 166 Hi Duo Hiab Crane
  • 4900kg max lift
  • 1380kg @ 13m
  • 8.5m tray
  • 6ton payload


DAF 2x4 Prime Mover

  • 45ft 24ton trailer


DAF 4x2 Rigid

  • 7.8m tray
  • 7.5ton payload